Next meeting details 20–22.04

20th (Friday) April 2012, 12.00
room 007
Marian Misiak
lecture part 1 – recent projects, works in progress – personal introduction
lecture part 2 – What to do if you don't like calligraphy and you would like to design a script typeface
The lecture will be a presentation showing connections between Calligraphy and Typography
and introducing into double pencil method.
There will be presenting a typeface design inspired by hand written and script based examples.

Digital Martin Majoor's hand – double pencil method – projection of the presentation recorded by Martin, Verena and Marian

21th (Saturday) April 2012,12.00
room 007
Verena Gerlach
lecture FF Chambers Sans, a typeface following to oppositional inspirations.
Verena Gerlach will show the visual adventure of approaching one task from two completely different directions. This presentation will lead to the practical work of the students.

Marian Misiak
will present inspiring sources for students own projects.

Students will be given:
cartoon board for covering tables
paper A3

please remember to have materials we gave you last time:
pencils HB and B
rubber bands
we strongly recommend to collect your own tools and sketch books

please find articles introducing to typeface design
Katalog - Ala ma font(a)

you may find the interesting theoretical materials
Gerrit Noordzij - The stroke - ebook

and how it influences contemporary typeface design
Typotheque: Family planning, or how type families work by Peter Biľak

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