Ampersand Brighton | student exhibition

It is with great pleasure that we announce the first international student type exhibition as part of the 2012 Ampersand Conference in Brighton, UK. This exhibition will showcase the best of student type design from around the world, putting their work in front of 300 delegates from the web design, developer and type design industries.

Submissions are welcome from all students who have created digital typefaces as part of their studies at design school. Student work must have been created during the  2011–2012 and 2012–2013 academic years. Entry to to the exhibition is free of charge.

  • Each student can submit an A3 specimen/poster of their typeface (or type family) as a monochrome pdf, portrait orientation. (Only one entry per student.)
  • A description of the project (50 to 100 words) and students' contact details (if desired). This will be displayed alongside the poster.
  • Optionally, students can create a live web specimen, to be shown on several screens at the venue. Details to follow.
  • There will also be an exhibition catalogue/booklet with typeface specimens, descriptions and student contact details, which will be available at the conference and on the Ampersand website. Images of the exhibition and lightbox displays of each entry will also be shown on the website. 

Students wishing to participate need to complete the attached form and return to ampersand.conference@gmail.com by Monday 8 April.

The entry deadline for the type specimen and full descriptions will be Monday 27 May. Further details will follow.



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